Let's get to know each other

Karybu has been developed as a fork from Xpress Engine, a very popular CMS in Asia.

Xpress Engine is a CMS based on PHP and can be used with multiple types of databases like Mysql, SQLite, PostgreSql, Cubrid and other. Also it has a modular structure and theme system. Although it has many nice features, Xpress Engine lacks some very important things in order for it to be competitive on the global market. So because we think that reinventing the wheel is not the best way to go, we built Karybu, where we removed a lot of core functionality from it's predecessor and replaced it with a Symfony2 core.

Symfony2 is a PHP framework for web projects made of decoupled components that is meant to be used in custom projects. Karybu is XpressEngine on Symfony2 components. One great benefit of using the Symfony2 components is the interoperability between all applications using them. This, in particular, refers to HttpKernel's HttpKernelInterface. Frameworks and applications that implement this interface are fully interoperable.

We also payed a lot of attention to the front-end part of our CMS and based it on Twitter Bootstrap, a free collection of tools for creating websites and web applications (HTML, CSS, and JavaScript toolkit). This will allow our future theme designers would speak the same language and follow guidelines that are not only characteristic to our CMS but also to a lot of web applications out there.

Other improvements:

  • the routing component where we implemented nice friendly url links
  • admin dashboard redesign that is 100% responsive
  • improvements to the widget editing experience with drag-and-drop features
  • monolog logging to keep track of Karybu bugs and activity
  • debug toolbar and production and development environments that will help developers on their way to creating new extensions for karybu
  • WYSIWYG improvements for content editing
  • we paved the way to a new module system based on HttpKernel and DependencyInjection from Symfony2
  • removed silent warnings and errors and fixed a lot of bugs