Content management the easy way!

Perfect for all developers, designers and content managers.


Drag and Drop Interface

We want you to have a comfortable editing experience. To achieve this, Karybu has some useful tools: two WYSIWYG editors and “Drag and drop” widgets.

Symfony2 Backbone

By using Symfony2 components we have become interoperable with other applications that use them.

Modular / Extensible

All projects are unique and most are very different from one another. We built Karybu so that you can configure this CMS exactly how you need it. Add the modules that suit your project to the core.

Twitter Bootstrap on Top

All front-end developers want to speak the same language, so we implemented Twitter Bootstrap that is packed with features and responsive by nature.

Powerful Admin Interface

Karybu has a highly intuitive and easy to use web-based interface that is also feature rich.


You can download it, use it as you want and, why not, improve it. Karybu is an open source solution that is freely available to everyone.